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Collaborating with the NHS for Covid-19 Vaccine Promotion

During the late 2021 Covid-19 pandemic, I had the privilege of being approached by the NHS to play a vital role in their campaign promoting vaccine uptake, with a specific focus on the younger demographic aged 16-24. It was a critical time, as a concerning number of individuals within this age group were not receiving vaccinations, prompting the NHS to take immediate action.

Engaging in extensive discussions with the NHS and conducting thorough research, I identified the key elements that needed to be highlighted in the ad: the ease, speed, and painlessness of the vaccination process. These aspects were crucial to resonate with the target audience and motivate them to consider and opt for vaccination. Additionally, I recognized the significance of creating concise and engaging content, understanding that shorter formats are more captivating and widely consumed by individuals in this age range.

The NHS Video Ad: Informative and Impactful Promotion of Vaccination

From the beginning of 2022, my journey involved scriptwriting, casting talented actors, and assembling a skilled crew to bring the advertisement to life. In March, we commenced the filming process, dedicating over two hours to capture all the necessary footage that would be utilized in the final ad.

Subsequently, the following two months were spent meticulously working on voiceover recording and editing, aiming to deliver a polished end product. As both the director and producer, I am incredibly satisfied with the outcome of the ad. However, upon reflection, I would seize the opportunity to make one significant change: incorporating hidden lapel microphones during filming. This adjustment would have enhanced the audio quality, eliminating the need for extensive voiceover work during post-production.

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